About us

We are a small group of jewellery maker base in Sydney Australia.
With more than 15 years experience in fashion jewellery and work in the shadow for some of the gigantic fashion leaders companies since 2005. 

All those year has passed. But only one thing really never gone away is " Why does need to look the same?".......That following by " Well....we can make the different". We do understand how much precious gems stones and precious alloys making a very big impact to the world market. We do understand how much people want to have a good social status by using big brand named products.( again, that will make them look all the same.)

BUT...The most precious thing in this planet is our identity.Each one of us has a very unique way of life.Now you make your own decision to tell the world who you really are.

To show the value of love and humanity.We have provided the best products that take you to the safe place in you mind.Your friends and love one would be able to received you massages without saying a word.

The Capital K Jewellery Team